Asian Wedding Music

Asian weddings are bright, colorful, overflowing with food, full of people, and above all, full of children. Asian marriages are also accompanied by lively Asian wedding tunes. In the Asian weddings ceremonies, the groom arrives with a band announcing its arrival to the bride's family. This band plays lively tunes to get the guests to dance in celebration. asian wedding music is characterized by traditional Asian dances like Dandia, Mujra and Bhnagra. In addition, the women of the house play the Shehnai (Trumpet) and Dhol (Drums).

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The big day planning may often lead to stress, but now that is all over it may be about time to think about the entertainment for the ceremony and reception. I hope that this will be a more enjoyable quest leading to the discovery of the perfect act to entertain you and friends and family. Choice of the act is vital to the success of the evening, as we have to cater for a disparate group of ages and tastes we do not want Grannie fleeing the room with ears bleeding to your favorite heavy metal.

A handy hint for reception smiles all round is a Jazz wedding band that is a Jazz flavored act, which tailors the repertoire and style to suit the occasion. From New Orleans style Stomp to West coast, cool background, and Sinatra style swing. This music appeals to all ages and tastes.

You may start by asking friends and family for recommendations, surf the net and try established agencies. If possible, try to see the band live and book directly as this may save you a commission. Once you have found the act, agree to the fee and ask for a standard Musicians Union or Equity contract. These are simple documents outlining the arrival time's fee and set times.

Often the band will require a deposit usually twenty-five percent (25) of the fee and the balance paid on the night. Currently, fees will vary from 400 - 500 for a solo duo act, beyond 3000 for a twelve piece big band, and for a five-piece act you will have to budget between 1500 and 2000. However remember all fees are negotiable and may be reduced if the event is held away from Saturday night.

Ensure that the act has relevant insurances and electrical testing, certificates easily scanned and e-mailed cover all these. Once you have found and secured the act then you can relax and look forward to a great evening's entertainment. On the night, make sure the act has all contact details and someone from the venue is on hand to show them around.

Try and give them enough time to set up (about an hour should do), organizing a small bar tab and food always goes down well with the band and a rest area away from the hubbub is always appreciated as a place to store clothing and change.

In conclusion, booking a Jazz wedding band is the sophisticated solution for any event especially a wedding reception, enjoy the quest and take it nice and easy on the big day.